Thursday, July 17, 2014

We Built a Natural History Science Museum!

For our cumulating project during summer school SVN second, third, and fourth grade students created a Natural History Museum in our school gym.  The students set up trifold boards presenting their information and spoke with community members who attended our museum.  It was a wonderful way to end summer school and a wonderful way for family members to see what their child learned during the summer.  Take a moment to view pictures from our museum.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

What is Science to Me?

This summer Ms. Mansfield, Ms. Wolfe, Mr. Nick and I attended a three week summer science program at Rockhurst University.  One of our assignments was to create a video explaining what science was.  Here is Mr. Nick and my video about what science is to us.  We can't wait to begin teaching science this school year!

Integrating Science, Technology, Art, and Writing.

During summer school the second and third grade students discussed the possibility of creating a science museum.  The second grade teacher and third grade teacher created a unit of study that integrated art with writing informational text, research, field visits, and speaking and listening skills.  Take a moment to view pictures of second and third graders working together to research, illustrate and create their science displays and art.

More Summer Adventures

This summer SVN second, third, and fourth grade students studied natural history.  We went on many field visits.  One of our field visits was to Science City at Union Station.  While at Science City we took notes and explored many scientific concepts.  Take a moment to view pictures from our visit.

Summer Adventures.

This summer the new third graders focused on researching natural history.  We visited the Museum at Prairiefire part of the American Museum of Natural History Exhibitions.  Take a moment to view the pictures from our visit.